America’s First Freedom Is Under Attack

The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the freedom of religion to every American citizen. Unfortunately, religious freedom is under attack—in our churches, in our military, in our schools, and in the public arena—like never before in American history. Liberty Institute is defending and restoring religious freedom by meeting these attacks head on.

Liberty Institute wins more than 90% of our cases. We have dominated opponents such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), American Humanist Association (AHA), Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), and other groups that attack religious liberty. We have stood up for individuals’ rights against the government at every level, federal, state, and local, and we stand up to corporations who illegally discriminate against their employees for their religious beliefs.

Liberty Institute fights to restore religious liberty pursuant to the principles of America’s founders—that religious freedom does not mean confining religious expression to church or home, but that true religious liberty consists of recognizing individuals’ God-given right to follow their conscience and to live and act according to their faith in every area of life. We fight for religious liberty in four major areas of emphasis: in our schools, for our churches, inside the military, and throughout the public arena.

Religious Freedom in the Church

We represent non-profit religious organizations of all faiths.  This includes churches, synagogues, religious ministries, and religious schools and institutions of all faiths. Attacks on the religious freedom of the church are on the rise, whether from zoning ordinances that discriminate against churches, city councils refusing to approve needed permits for churches, or the federal government attempting to force faith-based ministries to cooperate in providing contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs that are against their beliefs.

 Liberty Institute defends and restores religious freedom for our churches and other religious organizations, including the right to:

• Preach and teach without legal reprisal

• Serve the community free from discrimination

• Meet and assemble without government restrictions or harassment

• Operate and Govern its internal affairs according to religious beliefs


Read more about recent cases in the church. 


Religious Freeedom in the Military

Liberty Institute recently added the military as our newest area of emphasis—due to the rise of religious hostility in the Armed Forces. From protecting veterans memorials with religious imagery to defending a U.S. Air Force Senior Master Sergeant relieved of his duties for declining to discuss his religious beliefs on marriage, Liberty Institute is on the front lines in the battle for religious liberty of our military, and our veterans and their memorials.

Liberty Institute defends and restores religious freedom for our military and veterans and for those who support and honor them. We work to ensure that:

• Military chaplains are free to hold and practice their faith as their religion and conscience dictate without any threat or fear.

• Members of the military are free to hold and practice their faith as their religion and conscience dictate without any threat or fear.

• Religious military support organizations are free to minister to members of the military and their family without any threat or fear.

• Veterans are free to honor their own through public expressions of faith.

• Veterans are free to honor their own through memorials and monuments that contain religious imagery.

• The American public is educated on the history, tradition, legacy, heritage and role of faith in our military.


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Religious Freedom in Our  Schools

Liberty Institute represents students, teachers, parents and others discriminated against for freely exercising their religious beliefs in our schools. Some of our recent cases involving religious rights in the school include:  a high school salutatorian whose graduation speech was censored with many religious references removed, a substitute teacher who was fired for giving a Bible to a student who requested one, and a high school student who applied to start a religious club at school but was denied by school officials because of the club’s religious nature.

Students, parents and teachers have the right to express their faith in public and private—including in our schools and universities. Liberty Institute defends and restores religious liberty for all:

• Students

• Parents

• Teachers, principals and staff

• Religious organizations and clubs


Read more about recent cases in the school.


Religious Freedom Throughout the Public Arena

Protecting religious freedom in the public arena is critically important. Whether it is through fighting attempts to remove signs portraying religious imagery from public property—and scrubbing America of public religious expression—or representing a sports broadcaster who was fired for his religious beliefs about marriage, Liberty Institute is working to make sure that religious liberty is cherished in the public square.

This includes defending and restoring:

• Religious speech in public locations

• Public religious displays

• Religious speech in the workplace with no retribution for employees, employers, customers and vendors


Read more about recent cases in the public arena.


Learn More about Religious Freedom

To find out more about the threats to religious liberty in America, download a free copy of Undeniable: The Survey of Hostility to Religion in America, a collection of legal cases put together each year to detail anti-religious bigotry throughout America and raise awareness about threats to religious liberty. The 2013 edition chronicles almost 1,200 instances in which religious liberty was under attack. That number is approximately double the number of incidents listed in 2012.

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