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Watch the video above to learn about Liberty Institute.

40 Years of Protecting Freedom

In 1972, Liberty Institute began as a small advocacy organization under a different name and advanced the cause of liberty, including religious liberty.

In 1997, we added our legal division, once known as Liberty Legal Institute, and Kelly Shackelford became President and CEO. In 2009, we brought our policy and legal division together under one name—Liberty Institute.

What began nearly 40 years ago has grown into an influential non-profit law firm, dedicated to defending and restoring religious liberty across America. Liberty Institute is now the largest legal organization in America dedicated solely to defending and preserving religious liberty in America, with clients, attorneys, and donors all across the nation.

A Legal Powerhouse for Religious Liberty

Some of our recent cases include representing the major veterans groups in the high-profile Mojave Desert Cross case and defending a high school valedictorian who was told by a federal judge she could not pray in her graduation speech or she would go to jail.

In addition, we have protected the rights of:

Liberty Institute wins more than 90% of our cases. We have dominated opponents such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), American Humanist Association (AHA), Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), and other groups that attack religious liberty. We have stood up for individuals’ rights against both state and federal government agencies, including school boards and city councils, and we stand up to corporations who illegally discriminate against their employees for their religious beliefs.

We have won at all levels, from local courts to the United States Supreme Court. Liberty Institute staff of nine full-time constitutional attorneys coordinate a national network of elite attorneys across America who donate their time to defend and protect religious liberty. These volunteer attorneys, some of whom charge up to $1000 per hour, work on cases in their surrounding communities. Their intimate knowledge of the area in which they practice allows us to have “home-field advantage” in our cases and contribute to our more than 90% win rate.

We remain committed to protecting and defending religious liberty in America in four main areas where it is under serious attack—in our schools, for our churches, in the military, and throughout the public arena. Our victories have established legal precedents that have protected religious rights of millions of Americans.

Our in-house staff attorneys are often featured and cited in national publication and media outlets, including Fox News.

Educating America about Religious Freedom

In addition to our advocacy in the courts, Liberty Institute has developed many resources to raise awareness about the increasing threats to religious liberty and to reach our nation with the truth about the broad religious freedoms we have in America, including an annual report recording instances where religious freedom in America has been under attack.

Liberty Institute is growing a collection of free, informative and educational resources toward that purpose—including a “Know Your Religious Rights Kit” about religious freedom in the school. For more information, visit our Resources page.

Join the Fight and Help Win the War

Liberty Institute is committed to fighting the battles to win the war on religious liberty, and we invite you to join us in these efforts to restore religious liberty in America. Please pray with us, share Liberty Institute with your friends and family — or, if you are called to help financially, donate now.

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Liberty Institute defends religious liberty pro bono. If you believe your religious rights have been violated, please contact us today. 


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